Beyond Retro Café, Stoke Newington Road

August 13, 2013

A quick photo-review here… I went for a massively long wander today from home out east then south which took in a number of cafes. I walked the length of that epic thoroughfare which is saddled with various monikers but, at the point where Beyond Retro Café sits, is called Stoke Newington Road. I was drawn into the clothes shop part, largely because the front door looks like it should open out into a library or a town hall, but then I noticed that there was a place selling coffee tucked away to the right. Incidentally, while you probably don’t need me to tell you, the selection of clothes is mind-boggling in a variety of ways. While the coffee itself wasn’t amazing, it was perfectly good, and the decor is simply brilliant. Highlights for me include the owl on the window sill, because as you’ll recall from my Bread and Bean review, any excuse to use the word ‘strigine’ is welcome, the pair of skeletons, and the paper-cut wall decorations;  the branded cups were a cute touch too. The coffee is from Eros and is quite a dark roast which makes a fairly punchy espresso, but that would probably be tempered if you had it as a long black or with milk. The people working there were lovely too, friendly and smiley, and all in all, it was a very welcome and visually engaging place to rest my weary bones mid-shuffle.

Beyond Retro, 92-100 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XB

Website with details

Also on Twitter: @beyondretrouk

This did not happen because of slow service.

This did not happen because of slow service.

The world of clothes beyond...

The world of clothes beyond…


Strigine win.

Strigine win.


Epic centre-piece.

Epic centre-piece.


Not your usual window.

Not your usual window.


Afore-mentioned cups.

Afore-mentioned cups.



2 Responses to “Beyond Retro Café, Stoke Newington Road”

  1. That owl gave me the willies!

    Good find though. A day well spent 🙂


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