The Queen’s Wood Cafe, Highgate

May 31, 2013

Another photo post: Any of you who know me or the accomplice will know that one of our passions is trees. Living in north London, we are lucky enough to live within walking distance of two fine stretches of ancient woodland, Highgate Woods and the Queen’s Wood. These beautiful enclaves of green nestle among the stretches of residential areas that constitute Crouch End, Highgate, and Muswell Hill, but, although a stone’s throw from the city’s edges, they are places of peace and relaxation which afford a rare chance to forget the hubbub of London. On the edge of the Queen’s Wood, a short walk from Highgate tube station, hides the Queen’s Wood café. This is not a place for coffee snobbery, as the quality of the coffee isn’t perhaps up the standard of most independents. However, if you want to sip something surrounded by greenery, immersed in a silvan restfulness, then I suggest you head up there, before stretching your legs and exploring somewhere truly beautiful…

The Queen’s Wood Café, Muswell Hill Road, N10 3JP

Website with details

Also on Twitter: @QueensWoodCafe

Pub sign. Not a pub.

Pub sign. Not a pub.

The veranda.

The veranda.

View from the outside.

View from the outside. Spot the accomplice.

A splash of colour.

A splash of colour.

Green, green everywhere.

Green, green everywhere.

A room with a view.

A room with a view

One Response to “The Queen’s Wood Cafe, Highgate”

  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

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